1000X more sensitive than Apple Watch: ‘Fitbit for your blood’

John Koetsier
2 min readMar 19, 2022

COR is an infrared spectrometer that measures blood health and how both food and exercise impacts it.

Do you need a Fitbit for your blood? One of the key engineers behind Apple Watch and Apple Health has a new fitness product. It’s an infrared spectrometer that measures your blood health and how the food you eat and the exercise that you engage in impacts it. The first product of its kind, COR was created by a former Apple Health exec who wanted to know: is my diet good for me?

Because everyone’s response — even to theoretically healthy foods — is different. Even genetically identical twins don’t have the same metabolic response to things, recent studies have shown.

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So the idea with Cor is that you analyze your blood at home via infrared spectrometry about 4 times over a 3-week period, and you get specific data and recommendations back about what’s good — and what’s bad — for your health.

The result, CEO Bob Messerschmidt tells me in this episode of the TechFirst podcast, is potentially the ability to have another 15 years of healthy, productive life.

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